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               Construction Dust Partnership

The Construction Dust Partnership (CDP) is made up of a number of stakeholders from the following four categories:

  • The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who support the programme with valuable expertise and administrative support

  • The trade unions who work provide real and unique insight into engaging with employees in construction

  • Occupational health specialists who provide an insight how employees in construction are exposed to respiratory health risks

  • Organisations that support the construction industry, such as LEV specialists, equipment providers and hirers, dust and fume monitoring specialists, RPE suppliers, designers, trade organisations

  • Professional bodies in the field of health and safety such as IOSH, BOHS, UKSG


The Construction Dust Partnership (CDP) aim is:

To raise awareness within the construction industry about lung diseases related to hazardous workplace dust and to promote good practice to prevent these diseases, particularly for those undertaking high-risk tasks.

The membership has collectively committed to:

  • Target hazardous construction dusts, particularly those that give rise to the greatest risk of lung disease.

  • Improve the construction industry’s awareness of the risks of developing lung disease due to the inhalation of these dusts.

  • Identify those construction tasks that give rise to the greatest risk to workers developing such conditions.

  • Work together to agree and promote proportionate controls to minimise the risks from these high-risk tasks.

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