Respiratory Disease

We are committed to eliminating respiratory disease in the construction sector and will endeavour to raise awareness of the causes of respiratory disease as well as the appropriate control measures which should be in place to protect workers. The HCLG encourages construction employers to adopt the principles of the hierarchy of control and to eliminate hazards from construction processes where possible.


The HCLG will continue to support and promote campaigns aimed at tackling respiratory disease, including the BOHS Breathe Freely Campaign, the IOSH No Time To Lose campaign, the Construction Dust Partnership and the HSE 'Go Home Healthy' campaign.


In addition,  a HCLG working group is looking specifically at the areas of respiratory disease and design, and case studies and other information and messages coming out of these groups will be shared via this website as they become available.

Priority areas :

The HCLG will focus on the key areas of promoting good mental health, the prevention of respiratory disease, and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

HCLG respiratory disease working group

A working group is leading on HCLG's approach to respiratory disease, chaired by Clive Johnson of Derwent London. The priorities of this group are:

HCLG Respiratory Group Slide July 2021.jpg

The construction industry accounts for the largest proportion (over 40%) of occupational cancer deaths and registrations, with the most significant causes of these cancers being exposure to asbestos, silica and painting and diesel engine exhaust fumes.

Other useful links and resources
There is a wealth of information and resources available related to the issue of respiratory disease - information about what the issues are importantly, what you can do to protect your workers.

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