Sep 07, 2020

Online event for launch of new Guide to Plasterboard Handling

We are delighted to invite you/your colleagues to an online presentation to receive a brand new Best Practice Guide, the Recommendations for the Safe Ingress of Plasterboard report, taking place at 12pm on Tuesday 8 September.

Created on behalf of the Health in Construction Leadership Group (HCLG), the Best Practice Guide looks at ways to improve safety when planning for the delivery and movement of plasterboard at each stage and how the risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) can be reduced.

The guide was produced by members of the Plasterboard Material Handling Group, which comprises representation from key suppliers, specialist and main contractors in the finishes and interiors sector and the Home Builders Federation (HBF), and is chaired by FIS Technical Director Joe Cilia. 

The aim of the guide is to improve health and safety when plasterboard is delivered, moved and stored. It covers material-handling arising from the journey that plasterboard takes when delivered to sites that include homes, commercial, high-rise multi-occupancy, new builds and refurbishments.

The guide is broken down into stages from planning to engagement with manufacturers and distributors, delivery and offloading, storage, vertical and horizontal movement, storage of off-cuts and finally the removal and egress of waste. 

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Past Events

ICE Health Summit 22 January 2018

The ICE ran this Health Summit event in partnership with the HCLG. There were a number of talks delivered, covering topics such as mental health and wellbeing, the cost of ill-health, behavioural health and safety, the role of the designer, leadership, amongst other topics.

All of the presentations from this event are now available here

There were some workshop sessions also, covering occupational hygiene, RPE and design - the outputs from these sessions will be published here once available.

Acting on Our Commitment to a Healthier Future

Acting on Our Commitment to a Healthier Future

On 26th January we welcomed over 100 CEO’s and  over 150 Health and Safety Directors to two separate events held in London, where we reviewed progress and discussed next steps in our bid to reduce ill-health and disease from our industry. The events saw the launch of ‘Mates in Mind’, a new initiative aimed at tackling mental health.

From Committment into Action Event

From Committment into Action


The second summit hosted by the HCLG saw the tactical action plan for the Construction 2025 vision come together. This meeting provided the industry with the knowledge and means in which to work towards levelling the playing field between health and safety and in eradicating the ill health and disease caused each year within the industry. 


Speakers included Professor Dame Carol Black and Dr Richard Judge.

Construction Health Summit for CEOs

Committing Construction to a Healthier Future


On 21 January 2016, over 150 key business leaders and industry influencers in the construction sector came together at the inaugural Health in Construction CEO Breakfast Summit. At this event, each CEO made a commitment to eradicate the thousands of cases of ill health and disease caused every year as a result of exposure to health hazards during construction work, as well as to address the growing incidence of mental ill health in the workforce.

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Committing Construction to a Healthier Future.

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