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HCLG runs its own webinars and events from time to time, and also provides speakers for external webinars and events. Details of all upcoming events will be published on this page.

Up-coming Events:

There aren't currently any new events.

Previous Events:


To ensure that you receive invitations to future events, please register as a member and remember to mark the HCLG email address as a safe sender.

Awareness Days 2024

Jan 15th - Blue Monday

Feb 4th - World Cancer Day

Apr 7th - World Health Day

Apr 28th - World Day for Safety & Health at Work

May 1st-7th - Deaf Awareness Week

May 13th - 19th - Mental Health Awareness Week

Jun 8th - Global Wellness Day

Jun 24th - 30th - World Wellbeing Week

Sept 10th - World Suicide Prevention Day

Sept 26th - Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Oct 10th - World Mental Health Day

Oct 23rd - World Lung Day

Oct 30th - 3rd Nov - International Stress Awareness Week

Nov 20th - World COPD Awareness Day

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