Governance of the HCLG


Executive committee (Exec Com): set direction of the Leadership Group and HCLG.​

Leadership Group: develops the strategies and is responsible for establishing, supporting and managing the task groups. The Leadership Group is made up of members who are invited to the Leadership Group by the Exec Com.​

Partners: individuals who represent organisations which are committed to HCLG through active support of HCLG strategy, events, resources and materials and are invited onto the Leadership Group.​

Members: individuals or organisations who use the HCLG site, programmes and events to develop their own thinking and support improvement. Members are required to register and commit to the vision of HCLG. ​

See list of members signed up here - 311 organisations listed. (Updated July 2021).

Task Groups: groups which form to lead on the HCLG's approach to its priority focus areas.

These task groups report into the Leadership Group.​

Stakeholders: clients, contractors, associations, employees, supply chain, Government, society, trade bodies, media.​

The Structure of the Health in Construction Leadership Group is as follows:

Representatives on the Leadership Group: