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Latest Health and Safety statistics from HSE

HSE Construction industry statistics 2018

Latest HSE construction industry statistics

November 9, 2018


There were an estimated 82,000 work-related ill health cases (new or long- standing), of which:

 - 62% were musculoskeletal disorders

 - 25% were stress, depression or anxiety.

Cases of musculoskeletal disorders account for a higher proportion of ill health cases in construction than in all industries (44%).

Approximately 3,000 construction workers suffer with breathing and lung problems associated with their work. 


Other conditions affecting construction workers include HAVs (hand arm vibration syndrome), contact dermatitis and noise-induced hearing loss.


The economic cost of new cases of work-related ill-health is estimated at £571 million.


There were 38 fatal injuries to workers and six to members of the public in 2017/18 - 47% of the worker fatalities were due to falls from height.

The fatal injury rate remains high at 4 times the all industries rate.

In 2017/18 there were an estimated 58,000 work-related cases of injury, which equates to 2.6% of workers - this is 50% above the all industries rate.


The estimated economic cost of injuries is £490 million


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HSE Construction Statistics in Great Britain, 2018