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HSE releases latest health and safety statistics

Here you will find a summary of the 2015/16 HSE statistics on health and safety.

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Some notable figures are:

13,000 deaths from exposure to chemicals and dust with 14,000 new cases of breathing or lung problems reported annually. Of all work related deaths due to work related disease 90% of these are due to respiratory disease.

1.3M people suffering from work-related illness and a reported 25.9M work days lost due to work-related illness.

The annual cost of new cases of work related illness 2014/15 are put at 9.3billion.

Mental health issues (stress, depression & anxiety) account for 37% of all new and long standing cases of work-related ill health. During 2015/16 mental health issues account for 42% of all new cases of work-related ill health.

It’s reported that .5M people are suffering from work related stress, depression and anxiety.


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