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HCLG Support IOSH Construction Conference 2024

On 6th March 2024, IOSH hosted a Construction Conference at 3M’s offices in Berkshire, focusing on the innovative success in construction.

The key headline for this event was ‘Built by collaboration – innovative success in construction’, and the agenda covered culture change, behaviour analysis, risk management, wellbeing and communication.

Ian Strudley, Respiratory Working Group Lead for HCLG, was invited to speak at the event and provided the following comment:

“Much has been achieved in construction over the last decade or so to improve health and safety performance, but, in particular there is much more that can be done to reduce the unacceptable toll of ill-health and disease in this industry. The Health in Construction Leadership Group was put together specifically to challenge everyone to do more to ‘think health’. Ten years after its formation, that objective remains, particularly in looking after your respiratory health where lung cancer deaths and other debilitating diseases still cut short the lives of thousands of construction workers from past exposures to asbestos, silica, diesel fumes and other hazardous substances on site. HCLG are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with others, to share learning, to support innovation, and so improve the health and well-being of our workforce colleagues and so I was very pleased to speak on behalf of HCLG at this event.”

The HCLG looks forward to working with IOSH and other organisations again in the future.


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