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10th October is World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day brings people together around the world to raise awareness and address the stigma associated with mental health. And this year, the focus is on mental health in the workplace.

So what can you do to celebrate World Mental Health day?

There are lots of things you can do to raise awareness and show employees that you are committed to addressing stigma and improving positive mental health throughout your company. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Run tea and coffee breakouts during the day, invite staff to take time out and have a chat with a co-worker, supervisor or HR

  • If you have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), remind staff that they have access to confidential counselling services

  • We know that financial concerns and distress are a leading factor for many workers in the industry – advice can be provided anonymously from the Construction Industry Helpline 0345 605 1956

  • Take this opportunity to review your workplace stress policy – or to put one in place. If you’ve already joined 'Mates in Mind', you can contact their technical team who can support you.

  • Access the wealth of resources available - videos, posters etc, from a range of sources including Mates in Mind

'Mates in Mind' rolled out just over one month ago and is there to help employers provide a flexible and joined up approach to tackling poor mental health and to nurture positive mental wellbeing across the workforce.

Remember, anyone can be affected by mental health difficulties in the workplace. Be part of the change and help create a sustainable, mental health-friendly workplace.

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