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HCLG involvement in CONIAN

The HSE has launched Construction Industry Advisory Network (CONIAN), a stakeholder group designed to engage a wider audience in the sector and to support the work of five tripartite working groups.

There are strong links with the HCLG, who have members either leading or participating on each of the five working groups which are:

  • tackling ill health – chaired by Peter Crosland of the Civil Engineering Contractors’ Association, on tackling the costs of work related ill health.

  • managing risk well – chaired by IIRSM deputy president Clive Johnson, on how to encourage businesses to be risk aware, rather than risk averse;

  • supporting small employers – on giving SMEs simple advice they can act on, chaired by the Federation of Master Builders trade association;

  • keeping pace with change – on anticipating and tackling new health and safety challenges, chaired by Peter Caplehorn, representing the Construction Industry Council; and

  • sharing our success – on communicating the benefits of an efficient health and safety system, chaired by the Kevin Fear, health and safety lead at the Construction Industry Training Board.

The network will also be guided by a new steering group, which has the strapline "promoting broader ownership of health and safety in Great Britain.”

The themes of the five CONIAC working groups, made up of employer and client bodies, unions, and the HSE, are aligned to the “Helping Great Britain Work Well” strategy.

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