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HCLG supports B & CE’s aim to provide consistent approach to occupational health

B&CE has launched a pilot group of 18 companies to help develop a new product to improve occupational health provision across the construction industry.

The pilot group, made up of major contractors and SME’s who represent thousands of construction workers, self-employed workers, and occupational health service providers, will play a key role in testing iterations of B&CE’s new product during its development phase

HCLG supports the ambitions of B&CE to improve the health of construction workers and to provide a consistent approach to occupational health across the industry. Their plans were well-received when announced back in 2017 at the HCLG’s health summit for construction CEO’s and senior leaders, and are now coming to fruition with the launch of the pilot group.

Having a consistent approach to health data will assist the industry in determining where it needs to spend time and effort to reduce harm, and will enable the industry to better measure the effectiveness of our health strategies. We also support their ambition of providing a portable record which will make it easier for workers to move from project to project without having additional occupational health assessments which result in increased costs and wasted time.

Alongside the pilot group, B&CE is inviting construction companies and occupational health providers to join a panel, which will be invited to share industry experience and inform specific aspects of the scheme. For those who wish to join the panel, they can do so here.

HCLG members are supporting a pilot of the B&CE programme and we will keep you advised of progress.

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