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World Suicide Prevention Day 10 September

World Suicide Prevention Day - #StartTheConversation

Observed on September 10th, every year, World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) provides the opportunity for people, across the globe, to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention.

Mental Health Charity Mates in Mind believe breaking the silence and stigma surrounding mental ill-health is a crucial step towards providing a safe and healthy workplace environment, which can play a vital role in suicide prevention.

Research suggests that open and honest communication about mental ill-health supports steps towards suicide prevention, because these important conversations have the power to increase awareness and understanding, remind people they are not alone and help break the stigma which can be a barrier for those seeking help.

In light of this, you are encouraged to use this opportunity to #StartTheConversation within your workplace.

Mates in Mind have pulled together some resources to support you in taking action.

You can also check out the official World Suicide Prevention day website

where there is also a wealth of information and free resources.

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