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Mental Health - Asking the Hard Questions

On Wednesday 12th July, Jim Beestone, HCLG Mental Health sub-group leader, took to the stage at the ‘Action on Site Health’ Summit in London.

Jim highlighted the need to break down the stigma around mental health, so that all individuals can get the right sources of support. He commented that far too often the onus is placed on the individual and the underlying issues are not addressed.

So how does the construction industry get to the root cause? We should be working together to achieve the following:

1. Research into what elements of welfare impact mental health and wellbeing.

2. Identify standards which support health and wellbeing.

3. Obtain cross-industry support for higher standards.

4. Raise client expectations and maturity.

5. Supply Chain Management.

Jim also touched upon mental health charities and existing support. He explained that one of the greatest achievements of the HCLG was co-founding ‘Mates in Mind’ – a charity that aims to provide clear information to employers about the available support and guidance on mental health and wellbeing, and how they can address this within their organisations. If you or your team need support, you are able to contact mates in mind on 0203 510 5018 or use their "BeAMate" text support service. To use the service, simply text “BeAMate” to 85258 and trained volunteers can help with issues including anxiety, stress, loneliness or depression and are available 24/7.

Jim concluded by saying, “We all contribute to the risk, we all have a duty to manage it.”

‘Action on Site Health – South’ is hosted by RVT Group. Events are run across the UK and are free to attend. These events aim to raise awareness, share best practice, and enable people to take away real tangible actions that will reduce occupational ill-health on site.


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