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B&CE Charitable Trust launches Mowlem Award 2018

B&CE’s Charitable Trust is delighted to announce that applications are now open for the Mowlem Award 2018. Now in its fourth year, the Award is granted to an organisation that really makes a difference to training and the promotion of health and safety in the construction industry. Submissions must be received by Monday 16th April, and the eligibility criteria is set out below.

2017’s Mowlem Award winner was St-Eds, a registered charity that provides a positive learning environment for young people between the ages of 14 and 24. Some of these young people may have struggled to achieve in mainstream education or are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

The charity offers a wide variety of accredited vocational training, including bricklaying, plastering and electrics, and each qualification meets the Department for Education’s Gold Standard Benchmark. St-Eds also offers a six-month study programme in construction for 16-19 year olds, as well as Employability Days with a range of contractors.

Nicola Sinclair, Charitable Trust Manager, said:

“We are delighted to announce that applications are now open for the Mowlem Award 2018. Over the past three years, winners of the £20,000 have been able to make a huge difference to people’s lives. Previous winners, St-Eds, Women into Construction and the Shekinah Mission, have used the funding to unlock training and employment opportunities in construction for vulnerable people. We look forward to receiving this year’s applications!”

Lorraine Bliss MBE, Chief Executive at St-Eds said:

“The Mowlem Award given to us on behalf of BC&E Charitable Trust has benefitted our organisation and a number of our students studying for careers in the construction industry. The resources that we have been able to acquire have been invaluable to the future and social mobility of many young people within our organisation. Heartfelt thanks to all!”

How to apply

Prospective applicants should explain in 1,000 words or less how their organisation would use the £20,000, with a clear focus on construction training and health and safety.

The deadline for applications is Monday 16th April 2018.

Applications should be sent in a Word document, along with any supporting visuals or graphs (maximum attachment size of 5MB).

Eligibility criteria

1. £20,000 to be awarded on an annual basis to a private sector, charity or training organisation (or company involved in training) that has made a significant difference to the construction industry, in any area of the UK or Northern Ireland;

2. Training to have helped (or be helping as a minimum) more than 50 individuals within the calendar year;

3. Training must include recognised construction industry accreditations;

4. Training must be linked to an employer or placement (e.g. one day a week) to enable hands on experience;

5. The company/organisation must have an ongoing relationship with the Charitable Trust and be able to give regular updates on their work and the use of the monies. This relationship must continue for at least the year the funding is given.

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