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Construction Industry advised to keep working safely through lockdown

The Construction Leadership Council has reinforced the Government’s message that the industry should continue to trade through the new lockdown.

On Saturday Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the country would enter a second lockdown lasting until early December. But he was clear that construction and manufacturing should continue to trade through where this can be done safely.

Responding to the announcement Construction Leadership Council chair Andy Mitchell encouraged businesses to play their part in sustaining the economy over the coming weeks, using guidance that has been developed by the CLC to safeguard the workforce. He also flagged up the vital importance of the materials supply chain, confirming that merchants and distributors can and should remain open.

Mr Mitchell said: “The Prime Minister has explicitly said that construction and manufacturing should continue. The latest Government guidance has reiterated this, and that workers in these industries should continue to travel to work and attend their workplace, including where this involves working in other people’s homes. We all understand the need to keep providing and maintaining the houses, hospitals, electricity, water and all the other vital infrastructure that people depend on, and we all understand the need to keep construction workers employed and keeping the economy going, for now and for the future recovery.”

Mr Mitchell has also called for all businesses across the sector to immediately flag up any challenges that emerge during the period as was previously the case in the March lock down, allowing the CLC to react quickly to problems as they emerge.


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